Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019 – You must have read or heard about TRAI new rules 2019. Due to the same TRAI new rule, there have been major changes in the DTH and Cable sector. Now the consumers who want to watch TV channels will have to pay them the money. Regarding the new rule of Trai, Tata Sky will release the New Tariff Plans 2019. We are today giving you complete information on Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019.

TRAI New Rule for Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

All DTH and Cable users have yet to know that TRAI has issued new rules to this organization by the Telecom Regularity Authority of India and according to the new rules, Cable and DTH operators cannot impose the package on their customers. Now the customers will ask them by choosing TV channels according to their wishes.

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Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019 TRAI New Rule For DTH 2019

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

1Zee TV19.0045.00
2& TV12.00
3Zee Anmol1.00
4Big Magic1.00
5Zee Cinema19.00
6& Picture10.00
7Zee Bollywood2.00
8Zee Action1.00
9Zee Anmol Cinema1.00
10Zee News0.50
11Zee Hindustan0.50
12Zee Business0.50
13Living Foodz1.00
14Zee ETC1.00
16Zee Salaam1.00
17Big Ganga2.00
18Zee Bihar Jharkhand0.50
19Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal0.50
20Zee Madhya Pradesh Chattisgarh0.50
21Zee Rajasthan News0.50
22Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand0.50
23Zee 24 Kalak0.50
Total Sum of MRP76.60

Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

3SET MAX15.00
4MAX 21.00
5Sony YAY!2.00
7SONY Wah1.00
9SONY Marathi4.00
Total Sum of MRP63.00

STAR India Private Limited – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

1Star Plus19.0049.00
2Star Bharat10.00
3Star Utsav1.00
4Star Gold8.00
5Movies OK1.00
6Star Utsav Movies1.00
7Star Sports 1 Hindi19.00
8Star Sports 26.00
9Star Sports 34.00
10Star Sports First1.00
11National Geographic Channel (NGC)2.00
12Nat Geo Wild1.00
Total Sum of MRP73.00

Discovery Communications India – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

1Discovery Channel4.008.00
2Animal Planet2.00
4Discovery Kids Channel3.00
6Discovery Jeet1.00
7Discovery Science1.00
8Discovery Turbo1.00
Total Sum of MRP18.00

TV Today Network Ltd. – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

1Aaj Tak0.750.50
2Aaj Tak Tez0.25
Total Sum of MRP1.00

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

1NDTV 24*73.003.50
2NDTV India1.00
3NDTV Profit1.00
4Good Times1.50
Total Sum of MRP6.50
1NDTV 24*73.003.00
2NDTV India1.00
3NDTV Profit1.00
Total Sum of MRP5.00
1NDTV 24*73.003.25
2NDTV India1.00
3Good Times1.50
Total Sum of MRP5.50
1NDTV 24*73.003.25
2NDTV Profit1.00
3Good Times1.50
Total Sum of MRP5.50
1NDTV 24*73.002.50
2NDTV Profit1.00
Total Sum of MRP4.00
1NDTV 24*73.002.75
2Good Times1.50
Total Sum of MRP4.50

ABP News Network Private Limited -Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

S.No.Channels in BouquetA la Carte MRP of Channel (in Rs.) (excluding taxes)MRP of Bouquet (in Rs.) (excluding taxes)
1ABP Ananda0.500.85
2ABP Majha0.50
Total Sum of MRP1.00

Turner International Pvt Ltd. – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

S.NO.Channels in BouquetA la Carte MRP of Channel (in Rs.) (excluding taxes)MRP of Bouquet (in Rs.) (excluding taxes)
1Cartoon Network4.254.25
Total Sum of MRP8.50
1Cartoon Network4.2510.00
2CNN International0.50
Total Sum of MRP20.00
1Cartoon Network HD+10.0012.50
2HBO HD15.00
Total Sum of MRP25.00
1Cartoon Network4.2512.50
2CNN International0.50
3HBO HD15.00
Total Sum of MRP25.00

Disney Broadcasting (India) Limited – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

S.NO.Channels in BouquetA la Carte MRP of Channel (in Rs.) (excluding taxes)MRP of Bouquet (in Rs.) (excluding taxes)
1The Disney Channel8.0010.00
2Disney XD4.00
3Hungama TV6.00
4Disney Junior4.00
5UTV Action2.00
6UTV Bindass1.00
7UTV Movies2.00
Total Sum of MRP27.00
1The Disney Channel8.0012.00
2Hungama TV6.00
3Disney XD4.00
4Disney Junior4.00
Total Sum of MRP22.00
1UTV Movies2.004.00
2UTV Action2.00
3UTV Bindass1.00
Total Sum of MRP5.00
1Disney International HD12.008.00
2UTV HD8.00
Total Sum of MRP20.00

Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019: Tata Sky Entertainment Channel List with Numbers 2019

D2H Tata Sky Channel No.Tata Sky Entertainment Channel List
302Kids Showcase HD
303Kids Showcase
304Miniplex HD
317Movies OK
319Zee Cinema HD
321Zee Cinema
323UTV Movies
325UTV Action
327Zee Classic
331&pictures HD
335Zee Action
337B4U Movies
339Sony Max 2
340R Vision
342Cinema TV
343WoW Cinema
919M Tunes HD
919M Tunes
920MTV Indies HD
921MTV Indies
922B4U Music
924Z ETC Bollywood
929Music India
9309X Jalwa

Tata Sky News Channel List with Numbers 2019 – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

D2H Tata Sky Channel NumberTata Sky News Channel List
597DD News
503ABP News
505NDTV India
509Aaj Tak
510Zee News
512India TV
513News 24
517India News
519News Nation
519News World India
521India 24X7
522India News Haryana
524Samachar Plus
525Sudarshan News
526Kashish News
529Sadhna Plus
532ETV News Haryana HP
533Sadhna Prime News
534MH One News
599Lok Sabha
599Rajya Sabha
536India News UP UK
539News State UP UK
539India News MP CH
541India News Rajasthan
542National Voice UP UK
579Zee Business
579CNBC Awaaz

Tata Sky Sports Channel List with Numbers – Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

DTH Tata Sky Channel No.Tata Sky Sports Channel List
499DD Sports
454STAR Sports HD 1
455STAR Sports 1
456STAR Sports HD 2
457STAR Sports 2
459STAR Sports HD 3
460STAR Sports 3
461STAR Sports HD 4
462STAR Sports 4
464Ten 1 HD
465Ten 1
469Ten 2
470Ten 3
471Ten Golf HD
479Neo Sports
479Neo Prime

Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019 – Tata Sky Kids Channel List with Numbers 2019

D2H Tata Sky Channel NumberTata Sky Kids Channel List
657Disney XD
662Nick HD
666Cartoon Network
672Discovery Kids
674Sonic Nickelodeon
676Baby TV HD
677Baby TV
690Nick Jr.
691Disney Junior
693Zee Q
697Da Vinci Learning HD

Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019: Frequently Asked Questions about the Tata Sky Channe List

How to lock Channe in Tata Sky DTH service?

With the Channe Lock facility from Tata Sky, you can now see what your child sees. To lock a Channe, navigate to the ‘Organizer’ button in ‘Parental Control’. The default PIN is set to ‘0000’. Tata Sky allows you to lock up to 20 Channe at a time.

IPL Time Table 2019 Download

How to find and use active services by Tata Sky?

When you press the ‘active’ or ‘apps’ key on your Tata Sky remote, a list of all services will be displayed on the screen. You can choose from these options and sit back to enjoy service offerings.

How to find a Subscriber ID of my Tata Sky subscription?

If you have access to your television, you can easily find your subscription ID by pressing the ‘yellow’ button on the Tata Sky remote. As soon as you press this button, a 10-digit number will appear on the right-hand corner of the TV screen, this is your membership id.


If you do not have access to your TV screen, just give a missed call from your registered number ‘8880488804’ and the details will be sent to your number via SMS.

How can HDMI cable be added to a set top box?

To connect HDMI to the set-top box, both ends of the cable must connect to the TV and Tata Sky Set Top Box. Now go to the ‘source’ option and change the input settings to HDMI.

How to learn your pack details?

On giving a missed call to ‘8880488804’ from a registered number, the user can get all the details regarding their customer ID, account balance, monthly recharge amount, next recharge date, package details and recharge options. Customers can also go to www.mytatasky.com and get all these details.

How to set a reminder for the favorite movie/show?

To set a reminder for a Future movie or TV show, you will need to follow the steps given below:

1) Press the ‘Guide’ button

2) Now go to the ‘Interested Program’ by using the arrow keys

3) Finally, select the ‘Reminder’ option.

If you wish to change the notification time, press the ‘Organizer’ button, now go to ‘User Settings’ and click on ‘Reminder’ to adjust the time.

How to find the Tata Sky Helpline Number with the help of Tata Sky Remote?

To get helpline number on the screen, press ‘Help’ or ‘Yellow’ button. You can also contact for any queries by mail at help@tatasky.com.

How to set your favorite Channe?

If you want to add all your favorite channels to the Favorites list, follow the steps given below:

Step 1) To set your favorite Channe, press the ‘Guide’ button

To set preferred options, go to ‘User Settings’ and navigate through Channe List. Click the ‘Blue’ button and save the channels in the favorites list.

Press the ‘Favorite’ button to navigate directly to favorite channels.

Any Tata Sky DTH subscriber can add 50 Channe to their favorite Indian channels list.

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