Home Website Builder Is it a scam – So today I was browsing the internet and came across this website builder called Home Website Builder, they claim to make it as easy as 1,2,3 to create your own money making websites in minutes.

Set up a money making website, that’s a first! So I thought I would dig in a bit more.

If you notice I enlarged the bit where it says “Your FREE Money Making Website”.

With that in mind, on signup, you would accept to be taken to a Website Setup Dashboard straightaway …

Home Website Builder Is it a scam

NO! Instead you are taken to this sales page where you have to pay $57 to get instant access.

WOW really, I was under the impression that this was going to be a FREE money making website …

Now the sales pitch is put on by a guy called Chris Ripley, I’ll refer to him as Mr Salesman.

I did a Google search and can’t find anything on the guy, well not on the first few pages anyway.

His video and sales pitch is quite compelling.

The Promises

Mr Salesman claims that this software they have that has been supposedly designed by a highly successful group of experts from the make money online field can make non-experienced folks start earning an income that can make them quit their 9 – 5 job. Home Website Builder Is it a scam

Who are these so-called experts?? He doesn’t say ….

How it works

As simple as the picture above ….

This software, “Home Website Builder” is basically around affiliate Marketing

Mr Salesman claims that this software has been in testing for two years.

This involves testing out affiliate offers and seeing what converts best making it impossible to pick a product that doesn’t make money.

Mr Salesman claims they have set up affiliations with some of the biggest online marketplaces including Clickbank, Amazon.com, more niche.


Done deals with the most visited sites in the world like Google, Bing, Yahoo to make getting cash spending visitors super easy.

And “It will work today tomorrow and years to come”.

The Proof

Mr Salesman provides some Clickbank sales reports and also a few video testimonials from people making a few hundred a day.

My Opinion

First up if it’s not FREE why put up a FREE sign at all? ….

Mr Salesman claims to know how I feel because I have probably fallen for those Get-Rich-Overnight online schemes by gurus with their SNAKE OIL salesman claims …. What makes you any different, aren’t you giving the same sales speech of earning easy money online?

If you are going to sell a product that you claim to have the potential to earn a full-time income, be confident about it. Don’t give me an earnings disclaimer like this:

“Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Despite the fact that this industry is one of only a handful not many where one can make their own profit, there is no certification that you will gain any cash utilizing the systems and thoughts in these materials. Cases and tributes in these materials are not to be translated as a guarantee or certification of income. Gaining potential is totally reliant on the individual utilizing our item, their thoughts and methods. Buyers will be called and offered extra training. By acquiring you are consenting to these call contributions. The normal buyer does not profit by utilizing this framework. HomeWebsiteBuilder.com does not ensure salary or achievement.” Home Website Builder Is it a scam

Mr Salesman also claims users love this software because it does not involve:

Months or even weeks of learning before you make money

  • Crappy rehashed information that you have already seen over and over again from so-called marketers who haven’t made a bean online themselves
  • Illegal techniques that will end your money making dreams for good
  • The latest ridiculous must have ninja tactics that will be past their shelf life in just months
  • And most disappointingly the real GOLD buried away in yet another UP-SELL. So you can’t earn anywhere near what they claim you can until you spend even more money
  • Mr Salesman I think some of these points describe your software.

And if you are going to claim you have experts behind the scene, I want to meet and see who they are before I give you my hard earned money.

Then I found this, they were probably trying to show their affiliate earnings, I have put in my computer time and calendar so you can see the time difference.

After I refreshed the page

It starts again from $50, 490.00


Mr Salesman care to explain that!

Also, I feel those video testimonials were given scripts to read – My opinion anyway :


In a few words it’s like a Hype scheme, first few days you see a few sales, in the long run, it will eventually die down.

This software has supposedly simplified the process of Affiliate marketing, all you do is choose a template, pick a product from a wide range of supposedly top selling products and you are done. Home Website Builder Is it a scam

The more sites you make the more potential of maximizing your income. –

No way this is just too good to be true. Now imagine having 1000 users sign up, they’ll have the same pre-made websites to choose from, the same products to choose from

This usually ends up with a whole lot of duplicate content, don’t you agree?

Picture yourself as a potential visitor to your site, What do you think will be going in his/her mind when he/she sees 2 similar sites just like yours elsewhere?

Also, all search engines are getting smarter to weed out duplicate content from their listings.

Is this a scam? You be the judge, I wasn’t going to stick around to find out. Mr Salesman you have just lost a customer.

Why can’t they just show how affiliate marketing is done and let users decide what content or products they want to put on their website like Wealthy Affiliate does.

Personally, I would rather build a site that I have control over, from the ground up, and create trust with my visitors using the content I publish/post.

Always keep in mind your visitor’s experience when creating websites, remember A Happy customer is a loyal customer.

So please don’t insult your visitor’s intelligence by joining programmes like this, build your website with hard work, passion and honesty.

Comments, thoughts? Please leave them below.

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