How to Create SEO Friendly Title Tags 2019

How to Create SEO Friendly Title Tags 2019

How to Create SEO Friendly Title Tags For More Website Traffic?

Today I want to tell you How to Create SEO Friendly Title Tags, which is going to tell you more details about the CTR improvement.

The Best Title Tag lives a big role in your post.

Posting Title in Post is very important to follow some point.

  • There should be just 1 title tag in a post and that title tag should also be an H1 tag.
  • You can use unlimited head subheading (H2, H3, H4) in the post but H1 should be just one.
  • If your website is on WordPress then 90% of your title tag will be H1.

Please check this step for checking SEO Friendly Title Tags

Step 1: Open your post and select it and right click. After that click on the inspect.

Step 2: Here you will find out the HTML code that your tag is in the tag.

Title tag What is The Advantage?

(Number or Trigger word + Adjective + keyword + Promise)

  • On-page SEO point of view should be perfect.
  • The CTR (click through rate) of your post will improve.
  • Cacheable title: People will click more on your post.

10 Tips Create SEO Friendly Title Tags

1. Use Numbers in Title

You can increase 36% CTR by adding numbers to heading.

According to Content Mar’s ting Institute, Adding an ODD number compared to Even number, you can get more CTR improvement.

Title me Number to use

  • 20 SEO Tips and Technique: Complete Guide
  • 21 SEO Tips and Technique: Complete Guide

Both of these can have a higher CTR improvement on the 2nd title.

You can also notice that I have added a seam to the number in the title.

Note: You can also add a number to the form of a percentage (%).

2. Use keyword in Title

This is all the important point, it is very important to add the keyword to the title tag.

Title me keyword add some rules to follow all.

In the title, you must add your main keyword.

  1. At the beginning of the title, if you add keyword you are the best.
  2. If possible, do not add the main keyword to the last in the title tag.

You can also see that I add the main keyword to every title and it is also very important.

3. Use LONG TAIL keywords in Title Tag

Adding long tail keyword in the title is the best point for your title.

Long keywords are added to add a lot of keywords.

For example:

Suppose the title of the post:

How to create high-quality backlinks for new website

This is a long tail keyword and there is a lot of small keywords add. Li,

How to create high-quality backlinks

create high quality

high-quality backlinks for new website

backlinks for new website

high-quality backlinks

quality backlinks

It’s cool right 😊

4. Avoid Repetition of keyword

Can not repeat the keyword in the title again. This comes in negative SEO.

In the title, you can add 2 different keywords but only write the main keyword just 1 time.

Many use blogs do ignore this and they write a keyword 2 times.

For example:

Suppose your post is the main keyword “On-page SEO”.

What is on-page SEO: How to do on-page SEO (Compete Guide 2019)

What is on-page SEO: How to do this (Compete Guide 2019)

In these two, the best title is 2nd, because the main keyword has just repeated it 1 time.

5. Use Modifiers Words

People have more words than User Modifiers words and there is a greater chance of getting CTR improved on your website page.

Your product sale in Modifiers words is also improved.

If you are selling a product from your website, then definitely add this word to the heading.

Here I have written some Modifiers words which you should also add to the title.

Right Now









For example:

You can notice in these images what type of User Modifiers are added to the words title.

Another User Modifiers Words Example

6. Avoiding Stop Words

Stop Words are words that use in the title is useless.

If your title length is longer, Title I should also use important words.

I have written some stop words here, do not use any words in the title.








7. Proper Title Length

The title tag should be of 50-66 characters means (6-8 words).

If your title’s length is more than 66 characters, your title may be hidden in the last.

Because this length of my post is long, last words are hidden, 3 dot shows in the last of the title.

If this problem has happened in your title tag, then you can shorten the title.

Note: Very long SEO Friendly Title Tags point of view is not good.

8. Use What, Why, How or When

Adding question type keywords to a title is the best way.

If your blog is English, you can create “help”, “why”, “how”, “when” to help question type title.

For example:

How to increase website speed: (Top 10 Tips)

Why is your business?

What is Digital Ting: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can also see how I add question type keywords to the title tag.

Another question type example

If your website is in Hindi then you can use these words.

“Kaise Kare”, “Kya Hai”

To create a question type title, answer the public best free tools.

If you add your 1 keywords here, you will find the question type keywords in large amount.

Answer the plugin is best for English blog but you can find Hindi keywords here too.

IPL Time Table 2019 Download

Tata Sky New Tariff Plans 2019

DTH New Tariff Plans 2019

9. Titles & Branding

Brand means the name of your website or blog.

The title should show the name of the website. This increases the reputation of your website.

If your website is in WordPress, your site will automatically add to the last of your title.

If your title is long, you can remove the name of the site from Yoast SEO plugin.

But in some of your website links, show your website name. This is the best way to give a look like a website to a brand.

You can see this image me my website name is added to the last of my title.

These are great tips for writing the best title and showing your website as a brand.

10. How To Build Online Best Heading (Bounce Tips)

There are lots of free tools on the internet where you can create a title for your post.

When you create these things, you will know how powerful your title tag is.

  • Coschedule

Coschedule is the best Heading analysis tools, you have to sign up this before all you need to use.

You can create unlimited headings here and compare them all.

Before using these tools, follow all the above 9 tips, then only create a title for your post.

  • Hemingway Sharethrough

These tools are also best for heading analysis, here you can easily create your post related title.



How to make a Blog Title of Blog Website, How to Make an SEO Friendly Title Tags, article how you feel and what you think is the best tips in all of us.

Title tag related If you have any question or suggestion, please write in the comment box below.

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