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How to Increase Your Blog Post Ranking 2019

Increase Your Blog Post Ranking 2020 – He wrote a blog post and he also came in search. The new post may be the first or fifth page of Google search anywhere. As time passes, the rank of that post will remain at the top of the search engine. It may be that he comes up first on the page or moved from the fifth page to the twentieth page. In this way, changing the position of a new post for any keyword is not new, but newer bloggers cannot understand this game. If he comes to the post-top position he is happy if he goes to the previous page, he becomes meaningful about the quality of the written post (blog post quality), while the post was written by all the hard work. Let’s take tips to Increase Your Blog Post Ranking Google. use blog ranking checker

Looking at this video from Matt Cutts, you will find out the reasons for the change of the new post over time.

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How to Increase Your Blog Post Ranking in Google search

If you want Google search to always climb up your post and move on to the first page, then read this post till the end.

Google has a web indexing system named Caffeine, which allows Google to quickly add new posts in search. That’s why new posts seem fast in the search. That is, your blog is published only after a few hours in Google search. The reason for this is that most people search for new news on Google. Over time, Google keeps those pages above many pages in a search that contains quality content. Google believes in some signals for what page is shown first and which one is to be deleted. How to Increase Your Blog

For this reason, sometimes the poorly posted posts from your post also show up in the search. But the effort remains to keep that web pages (spam websites) not shown in search when Google indexes pages. The people who search on Google can find the right information and related information.

So if your quality blog post is falling down in search then do not worry and keep working. Google will understand this and after a while, it will take it back to the correct position. If you have gone to a high-quality blog then you will find fewer fluctuations in rank. But it is natural to see the ups and downs for new blogs and an average blog (new and average blog). If this is happening to you, then you have to keep a few things in mind so that the Google rank of the Blog Post Ranking will get bounced.

How to Increase Blog Post Ranking in Google: Blog Ranking Checker 2020

Next, you will read how the Google Categories of blog posts can be retained. As already mentioned earlier, the change in search ranking is normal, if your blog post’s rank has fallen, then he will also be sensitive.

1. Keyword Research

Before writing a blog post, you should know by basic keyword research, the words to search for can be posted to your post. Which will give your post a chance to come up in the search. For keyword research, you can use the keyword or other Google Keyword Planner. In addition, you should find longer keywords (keywords with more than 3 words). Find at least 5 keywords and use them in your Blog Post Ranking.

2. Quality Content

To get a good rank in the search engine, write keyword content should write quality content. If you have not done this work then you will not get good results. Some people write posts just by search engine but blog readers forget them. If you remember the bloggers, then your content’s SEO score will be fine. Which is very easy:

On-Page SEO Tips:

  • Place keyword in the post title
  • Place keyword in the post
  • Keywords are represented multiple times in the post, but not more than 2%
  • Place the keyword H2 tag inside the post
  • Use LSI Keyword
  • Bold and italic things related to keywords This is not only the search engine bots but also articles are also easily postponed. Search engine bots are meant to understand the post’s keywords.
  • You should write at least 300 words in a blog post but a 1000 word blog post is considered great. Long post rank easily in search engines.
  • The quality of using the image, video, etc. in the blog post increases.
  • Keywords will also be used in search details
  • Reduce page load time. Google pays less attention to sites that are slow.
  • Make the AMP version of the blog post, WordPress users can do this with the help of a plugin.
  • Will use rich snippets for posts with product reviews and recipes.

Before writing a blog post, read the top 10 pages from Google Search and try to prepare them properly. If you do not always care about your blog, your blog post will be lagging behind on blog posting.

3. Social Media Sharing

Sharing and bookmarking on social media is very important to increase Google rank. Your blog must have social media sharing and bookmarking buttons. This button can be installed on both Blogger and Word machinery. Not just new posts, but old posts should also be shared on social media – Facebook, Satellite, Google Plus etc. Post shares and re-shares from it and social signals are created for Google search.

4. Backlink building

You should keep making lists for your blog posts. You should not mark it for this. Posting on your Nikete blog should create a list on the keyword between posts.

The keyword you want to backlink for, your prediction post should also be related to the same keyword. If your keyword is “headache” then your post should be “remedy for a headache”. This will give Google bots more importance to your number and you will get full benefits of backlinks. If you do not get the number from the keyword “headache” then you get some similar keywords like “a headache” and try to get a back number. Forecasting should be done on your blog from a good blog.

5. Cover related topics

Write a post on every aspect related to a topic. If you are posting on “Remedies for Headache” then posted on topics like “Head Cold Due”, “Symptoms of Headache”, “What is Migraine”, “Headache and Difference in Migraines” Since users search related articles on a topic, Google will get the signal that you are writing them all. You can learn long tail keywords using Hittel and Long Tail Pro.

Just do it yourself, you will find fewer fluctuations in the Google ranking/search ranking of the blog posts. From now on, do your work well without worrying about keyword ranking, and keep the above-mentioned things in mind. Once Google grows up your blog and blog posts, the rank will increase

Guys, you improve the Blog Post Ranking in Google Topic. What our article really is about to share your vision.

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