11 Reasons To Not Blog Using Google Blogger: I will not advise you to use Google Blogger in 2019. That’s because I’ve used the free Blogspot too much. I used this free blogging platform because I was new and I had little information.

My first blog was about poems, which was pinkbuds.blogspot.com. For a few days, I used a custom domain on this, after that my eyes were opened.

Top 11 Reasons To Not Blog Using Google Blogger in 2020

1- Brand no page: Not Blog Using Google Blogger

Making a brand impossible

If you are making a company and want to become a Professional Blogger then you should not use Blogspot. You will notice if you do not use any company or professional blogger Blogspot blog.

You must host your blog on a custom domain Start with Self-Hosted WordPress. It’s really good but there are other options like Wix, Medium, and Shopify on the Internet.

You should decide with a vision:

Do you really want to make a company?

Do you really want to earn money like a professional blogger?

When the first blog was created in 2007, I was very scared. I did not know whether I would get success or not. That’s why I chose the free Blogspot to create a blog.

You do not try to copy me. Believe me, if I can go back then I do not waste time on Google Blogger.

Instead, I prefer working with a custom domain and web hosting. Again, if I want to make my brand, they never choose a Blogspot.

As an SEO, Blogspot is a waste of time and hard work because …

2. Google Search does not rank anymore

Do not rank in Google search

It’s not a great deal, you can search anything in Google and tell how many of your .blogspot.com pages are ranked. It is very difficult to find anything you got on the first page.

Not so sad that Google’s own blogs do not rank in Google.

SEO SEO is a very difficult thing. So do not make it even more difficult by using a Google Blogger.

A backlink is a very big factor to rank in Google. Blogspot will deceive you in this matter.

3. No backlink: Not Blog Using Google Blogger

Backlinking will be difficult

Many bloggers today do not like to link Blogspot blogs. They do not believe in these links. Therefore, it is better to make the distance from .blogspot.com.

When your outreach camps fail, i.e. backlink backlinks are not created, your blog is not visible in the Organic Search Result.

4. A website is not available: Not Blog Using Google Blogger

Website authority will not be created

Through link building and SEO, we try to create Website Authority Website Authority, because by creating website authority, your site ranks well in the search engine.

This is the reason that the content is printed as Forbes Forbes. Within a few hours, the search comes to the second page first. Since very few people would like to link your Blogspot blog so you will not get website authorization.

Keeping SEO in mind, do not choose any Free blogging platform, which would be better.

Even if you do not talk about SEO, there are many reasons.

5. Do not upload blogs: Not Blog Using Google Blogger

The blog is not your own

Yes, Blogger.com has your content. This means that you have been creating SEO content for months and years and the blog can be deleted in a few seconds.

For this reason alone you should not have blogs on Google Blogger.

Your content is actually on custom domains and self-hosted blogs. Let’s move on to the next point …

6. Blogspot like terms and conditions

Blogspot Terms are to be considered

Since your blog is close to Blogger.com so you have to blog on their terms. As soon as you sign up on a Blogspot, it presents its own terms, which by accepting you create a blog. You do not read or read those terms, it is all up to you.

But if they do not accept their condition, they do not take time to delete the blog.

Not only this, but it’s also a dirty thing …

7. Make money online hard Hoga

Make Money Online Completely Not Possible

Blogger.com is very hard about Make money online. You can use Adsense but there is a restriction on the sale of products and services.

This way you are preventing your brand from being created. Would you still like to create blogs on Google Blogger?

Blogspot SEO and Make Money not only online but …

8. Blog theme and customization museum

Blog theme and custom design have drawbacks

Themes can be of any kind with WordPress, but there are many drawbacks to the Blogspot theme. Blogspot themes are very few, and if you are not a web developer then your problems may increase.

The biggest thing is to talk about Emp pages for Google Speed, while Google does not have the facility to create an MP page on Blogger.

9. Blogspot is spam: Not Blog Using Google Blogger

Blogspot is a victim of spam

Gray Hat Link Builders for Web 2.0 Link Building, create and post a free Blogspot blog and backlink their main site from them.

This is the easiest way to get backlinks that many people use and take advantage of, though this is completely wrong.

Would you use a platform that is using SEO for spam?

You do not have the idea that if you create a blog to create Web 2.0 backlinks, then your blog can be penalized.

We often remove the manual action taken by Google on the client’s site, as soon as we remove the link on the Blogspot blog, Google removes the manual action.

Once you’ve done hard work, taking blogs on custom domains and hosting from Blogspot to blog is not less than nightmares.

10. Website migration problem

Website migration issues

If you have created a site on Blogspot and you do not have knowledge of site migration and web development then the difficulty increases.

It is not very difficult to find a custom domain on a Blogspot. But if you want to shift to Blogspot blog on web hosting, then noses are chewing gum.

In the past, this work was quite difficult and I migrated my blog by copying one page. But you do not have to do this.

Fear of Negative SEO is increasingly more than a website migration.

301 redirects will pass 100% of the authority and backlink equity. If you really want this, you have to do website migration properly, even then SEO performance will be affected for some time.

To avoid this, you must be on self-hosted WordPress and custom domains from the beginning.

I have one last reason why you should not blog on Blogspot, which has nothing to do with marketing, branding and technical matters. Even if you make a blog on Blogspot by reading all this …

11. Do not get a blogger: Not Blog Using Google Blogger

You do not want to succeed

You are afraid to spend money. I also felt bad at the beginning giving money for a custom domain and web hosting

I do not advise you, but the sugar you add will become as sweet as the tea. You will understand yourself by spending money when the money starts coming.

After spending money, earning money will make you a successful blogger.

You will learn more about blog traffic and increasing income. Whose positive effects you will see.

I have learned this by doing

Last words For Blogspot: Not Blog Using Google Blogger

Last word about Blogspot

I apologize for being so negative, but I do not want people to lose their hard work and time.

Creating a blog on Google Blogger is the abuse of time and resources.

You should dare to start with web hosting and custom domains. For this, you will thank me later that you saved me from making mistakes.

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